Sidney Chung    Presented by DiamondWear

Member of Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturer's Association 

Membership Number 459

HKD 14400

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without necklace -200

HKD 1400

now on sale HKD 9600

HKD 13800

Big Cat    18k rose with            

brown dia 1 -0.58cts

Tri white dia 2- 0.16cts

yellow dia 3-0.05cts



Choose from a variety of styles to fit your needs. From formal, to casual, to sport, you can find the exact masterpiece to fit your life and coordinate with your wardrobe.

Sidney Chung is the rare designer whose prime motivation is his customers' desires. Rather than imposing his vision from above, Chung's collections are the result of an iterative "testing" process based on customer feedback.

Each of our masterpieces are hand-crafted and individually numbered. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship can be seen in every detail in each piece.


18k 750 gold Pendant with 1 pc diamond

Cat Diffuser

9K with two Blue Sapphire

S18047   rose cat

               white cat

​               black cat

3 colour choices 

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Horlick with 1 pc diamond and 18k 750 gold necklace 

HKD 2200

HKD 2600

Evergreen Heart 18k with            

marquises 1-0.15cts

heart shape emerald  1-0.53cts


now on sale HKD 1580


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now on sale HKD 9800