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Sidneydiamond provides a universe of hand-finished and modern jewellery primarily made from genuine materials 18 carat gold. We use a variety shape of high quality diamond to add sparkle to our gold jewellery. In Sidneydiamond, We are proud of our commitment to service. Our prime concern is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers worldwide in response to the trust they have placed in us.



We want your visit to us to be both fun and rewarding! If you have a suggestion as to how we can make your visit even better we'd love to hear from you. Together we can make a difference.

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Plukka said...

When asked to explain what inspires him, Chung demurs and says only, "I'm literally inspired by EVERYTHING. For me, it's difficult to like something unless it sells - truly." Luckily, this refreshing (if common sense) ethos hasn't led his collection to become homogeneous or mediocre. Far from it, Chung, despite continuing assertions that his customer is king (or, rather queen), is always launching himself in new, daring directions and applying his creativity to diverse themes and motifs. 

Plukka said....

Sidney Chung is the rare designer whose prime motivation is his customers' desires. Rather than imposing his vision from above, Chung's collections are the result of an iterative "testing" process based on customer feedback. For almost 30 years, Chung has been in the jewelry business. His interest in jewelry was sparked when he was a teenager, literally passing by storefronts filled with cases of glittering jewelry. Far from designing jewelry though, Chung began his career as a door to door wholesale jewelry salesman selling generic designs by other manufacturers. The experience of pounding the pavement and hustling taught him a permanent lesson: it pays to listen to the customer. After SARS in 2002, when the jewelry market was practically moribund, Chung tried his hand at design for the first time after seeing an irresistible packet of marquis cut diamonds. The result was a simple but compelling collection of diamond rings which sold out quickly. This small but unexpected success planted the seeds of his future forays into design. It was only several years later, however, in 2008, that he finally decided to create a real collection. One style in this inaugural collection outsold the others hand over fist, a pair of lace-like filigree earrings sprinkled with diamonds. With this runaway hit as a reference, Chung expanded his offering and decided to focus exclusively on diamond and 18 karat gold jewelry. 

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